Terms and Conditions

  • Registration Fee and Course Fees paid, shall not be refunded under any circumstances.
  • Any other fee collected by Wisdom Business Academy, on behalf of any REGISTRATION FEES, EXAM FEES or ANY OTHER FEES PAID AS SPECIAL OFFERS delivered time to time by the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants – UK shall be deemed as non-refundable and non-transferable and Wisdom Business Academy will act as a collecting agent to facilitate such process, and to transfer such collections to the principal institution.
  • Transfer Policy.
    • Any session transfer requests shall be considered at the sole discretion of the management after a proper evaluation of the request submitted with proper evidence to substantiate the request
    • CertBA Level (CBA) and Professional level (OTQ) – Session transfer requests shall be accepted only during the first month from the commencement of the course and no requests shall be accepted or considered thereafter
    • Any such transfers shall be entertained only if the payment is done in full and shall not be entertained for part payments
    • Transfers of fees is subject to a proportionate deduction from the full fee paid, considering the number of lessons conducted and material obtained
    • Case Study Course fees paid, shall not be refunded or transferred under any circumstance
  • Part payments on Course Fees shall be granted purely on management discretion and the students are expected to make the payments on the due dates. Failing a penalty fee of 10% -15% shall be added to the due amount.
  • Management reserves the right to change the time-table time to time on exceptional circumstances which shall be notified to students in advance.
  • In finding liable for an act of misconduct, management reserves the right to discontinue a student upon an inquiry with or without refunding any fees paid.

Student Guidelines

When students get themselves registered at Wisdom, they become entitled to use the facilities and services that the Institute provides.  This document explains the rules and regulations that the students have agreed to abide by.

  • The institute expects at least 80% attendance level from each student, and this will be strictly monitored.
  • Students will have to produce the Wisdom Student Card for purpose of identification, whenever called upon.
  • Students who do not possess a valid Student Card will not be permitted to attend lectures, unless special permission is obtained from the Manager – Student Services.
  • All students are required to come in decent attire which is fit and proper for a professional student. No student will be permitted to attend any classes / CBA / Library or to be in the Cafeteria with shorts or three-quarter trousers.
  • Students are required to be seated in the lecture hall ten minutes prior to the scheduled time of the lecture.
  • Students are required to keep their mobile phones either switched off or on the silence mode during lectures.
  • Wisdom office publishes the time-table in the notice boards and website on a weekly basis. Any amendments to the standard time-table will be notified in the notice boards / website and the students are expected to check on those on a weekly basis. Any extra classes will also be notified at least one week in advance.
  • For any clarifications with regards to the time-table the students may contact the Course Coordinator between 10.00 a.m. and 12.00 noon through:
    Telephone:  011-739 5000 / 011-237 0995 (Ext:5)
  • Study materials shall be issued at the entrance to the classroom on the first distribution. In case if the student miss to collect the material on the issued day, they should collect such material from the Tute-Room counter located near the entrance main door. All students are advised to refer any special notices regarding collection of material in the notice boards and collect the respective study material from the Tute-Room on respective dates.
  • Tute-Room have allocated hours for material distribution and all students are advised to collect material during the specified times to avoid any disappointment.
  • If any student is faced with difficulties in collecting study material due to any inefficiency of staff, immediately notify same to the Manger Student Services or Course Coordinator
  • Course fees paid will not be refunded under any circumstances.
  • If a student wishes to transfer from full time course to the part time course (or vice versa) or between subjects that are different from the subjects initially registered for, must request it in writing and the request could be entertained subject to availability of seats in the respective subjects. Such requests should be handed over to the Manager Student Services.
  • The students are required to maintain high standards of discipline and should not engage in loud disruptive conversations or any act of misbehavior while at Wisdom premises. Strict action shall be taken if any student is found guilty of any unacceptable behavior, any act of misconduct or misbehaver and management reserves the right to discontinue / expel such students from the institute with or without a refund of the fees paid, upon carrying out an inquiry.
  • Management reserves the right to make any amendments to the time-table if required, which will be notified to students.
  • Management reserves the right to discontinue any student at any time during the course for any act of misconduct.
  • Students and Parents could directly contact the following officials for any complaints or suggestions regarding the course, its delivery, Examinations or any other issue or concerns students are facing on the following contact numbers and email:
    Telephone : 011-739 5000 / 011-237 0995 between 8.30 a.m. and 4.30 p.m. / Email on [email protected]
    • Manager Student Services (Ext: 1)
    • Manager Academic Progarmmes (Ext:2)
    • Manager Learning Support (Ext:4)

Fire Safety

In case of a fire, evacuate the building immediately and steadily. Report any information about fire to the Wisdom Management immediately.  In evacuating the building, use the emergency exit doors which lead to the stairway and fire-exit plans are displayed in each floor.  Move away from the building and proceed to the evacuation area that is outside the gate while leaving clear access for emergency services. Do not re-enter the building without permission from the management.

Fire Extinguishers and emergency fire protection systems are installed in the building and Emergency Fire Extinguishers are placed inside and outside the classrooms and in the main corridor. Students are strictly advised not to tamper with the fire safety equipment unnecessarily unless in case of a fire-situation, as this may cause heavy damages to the systems.

Data Protection & Confidentiality Policy Of Wisdom Business Academy

This policy sets out how Wisdom Business Academy collects, uses and stores the personal data and information of current, former and potential students and staff, provided directly or through use of Wisdom’s website or learning platform. The policy aims to protect individuals against possible misuse of information about them held by others. Wisdom will only process personal data as set out in this policy or otherwise notified to or agreed by the student or staff member and will be obliged to fulfil individuals’ reasonable expectations of privacy.

Wisdom Business Academy believes that all students have the right to confidentiality to protect their interests and to ensure that relationships based on trust can be developed and maintained. It is important that every individual within Wisdom who handles student information takes all reasonable steps to make sure it is treated carefully and only shared on a need to know basis.

All staff and others processing personal data/information on Wisdom’s behalf must read this policy. A failure to comply with this policy may result in disciplinary action. This policy covers personal data, whether held on computer or in manual files.

This data protection and confidentiality policy specifically covers the student services listed below:

  • Application and registration
  • Advice and information
  • Student wellbeing
  • Financial Support
  • Assessment
  • Disabled/disadvantaged student support

The following types of data may be collected from registered and prospective students

  • Name
  • Age/date of birth
  • Gender
  • Religion
  • Contact details
  • Course and stage details
  • Information relevant to customer surveys
  • Appointment data and meeting notes
  • Educational history including highest qualification
  • Address
  • Funding authority
  • Nationality
  • Ethnicity
  • Student ID number
  • Exam results and feedback
  • Other exam related data
  • Referrals, deferrals, appeals and outcomes

Wisdom is obliged to abide by the following principles when processing data;

  • Ensure individuals have given their consent to the processing
  • Process personal data fairly, lawfully and in a transparent manner
  • Only adequate, relevant and limited data for the specified purposes will be collected
  • Data will be accurate and kept up-to-date where possible and necessary
  • Data shall be only processed in a manner where the security and confidentiality of the data can be safeguarded.
  • Data shall not be shared with any third party unless mentioned in the policy

All staff members are expected to treat personal disclosures sensitively and with respect so that a relationship based on trust can be developed and maintained. Information regarding individuals cannot be disclosed, even to family members, without the student's consent barring exceptional circumstances.
The data gathered and processed may be used for the following purposes;

  • Communication of products, services and offers
  • Improving products and services
  • Internal record keeping
  • Communication of exam advice and useful information
  • Market research
  • Targeted social media campaigns

Any data gathered maybe shared with the following third-parties,

  • CIMA for exam and marketing related purposes
  • External tutors and mock exam markers for marking and feedback

The individuals should be able to know the following regarding their personal data;

  • The purposes the data collected will be used for
  • The sources their personal data was obtained from, in cases where data was collected via third parties
  • Wisdom’s obligations to protect personal data
  • With whom data is shared with and in what manner
  • How long their data will be retained
  • Whether any data will be published and why

Individuals shall also be able to,

  • Request inaccurate data to be rectified
  • Update any data if and when required
  • Object to processing of data in limited circumstances
  • Prevent their personal data be used for direct marketing purposes
  • Request personal data to be removed

Wisdom Business Academy website and learning platform may use cookies to cater to individual needs of users.

  • Permission shall always be requested by the site to place cookies in the user’s hard drive upon a user landing on the website or learning platform.
  • Once placed, the cookies shall help Wisdom identify which pages are being visited by the user and gather and store information on user’s preferences
  • Wisdom shall analyse this data to improve and customize the user’s experience in the websites
  • Users may accept or decline cookies and modify their browser setting to decline cookies if it is set to automatically accept cookies
  • Cookies will not grant any other information about the user than what is granted or access to the user’s computer

The Wisdom website, learning platform and communications may contain links to other websites of interest. Wisdom cannot be responsible for the protection and privacy of any information which users provide whilst visiting such sites as they are not governed by this data protection policy. Therefore, user’s should exercise caution and read the data protection or privacy policies of these sites before providing any information.

As a data controller, Wisdom Business Academy is responsible for establishing and updating policies and procedures to ensure the security and confidentiality of personal data of all stakeholders. The Management Committee and the Quality Assurance Manager shall be responsible in guiding and updating the staff and other external handlers on the data protection and confidentiality policy.

In the case of a breach of policy, individuals may make a complaint to the Quality Assurance Manager. The complaint will be logged and responded to under the regulations of the ISO 9001:2015 complaints policy.

Any inquiries, requests and complaints related to personal data held by Wisdom Business Academy shall be emailed to the Quality Assurance Manager at [email protected]